How to reset the password to the Cloud Workspace

Here are the steps to reset a user's password. 

1. Log In to your Cloud Workspace (Portal or RDP Client)


2. Press and hold the following keys:

  • Control 
  • Alt
  • End

3. A new screen will appear with the one of the options Change a password. Select this option.

4. Next, enter in your old password and create a new one. Be sure to use a password that you and only you will remember matching the following restrictions:

  • At least 1 capital letter 
  • At least 2 lower case letters
  • At Least 2 numbers
  • At Least 1 special character
  • A minimum of 8 characters must be used.

5. Once all of the information is entered correctly, click the blue arrow to Submit and save the new password.

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