Basic Email Hosting - Create A Basic Mailbox


Create a new basic mail, mailbox user. A new mailbox provides a unique user email address, and access to webmail.


Active Basic Email services, see Add Hosted Services


A new mailbox can be created by adding it under the Basic Mail section of the Services Control Panel. Before adding a new mailbox, the available quota must have an available allotment greater than or equal to what will be created. The quota must be under the allotment and either display a yellow, or green bar:


If the quota is at capacity, a red bar will be displayed:


In this case it is necessary to purchase additional basic mailboxes via the ITSolutionsNow Billing Control Panel. Please refer to the support knowledge base article, Add Hosted Services, for the requisite steps.


1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow account management website:


2. Hover the cursor over the Mail icon, and then click on, Accounts.


3. The mail accounts screen will display all active basic mailboxes. To add an additional mailbox click the Create Mail Account button.


4. The mail account properties page will now be presented. This page can be used to initially configure the user's information and services such as Autoresponder, and Mail Forwarding. All fields on this page, sans the signature field, must be entered. The desired email alias for the user should be entered in the email address field, and then again repeated in the Reply to Address field.

    • Autoresponder: Or more commonly known as, "Out Of Office," is used to notify senders the recipient email is unable to respond. The status will remain until it is disabled via the control panel at a later time.

  • Mail Forwarding: Enabling this option will allow the forwarding of all received email to any internal, or external email address. If email is only checked at the email address being forwarded to, it is recommended that the Delete Message on Forward option is checked.
Once the accuracy of the user information, and settings have been confirm, click the Save button on the bottom of the screen to create the user mailbox to create.
Please allow a few seconds for the mailbox to create and email with any failed creation errors.


What Is Next?

Create A Distribution List,

Configure Outlook For Basic Mail,

Forward Email From A Basic Mailbox

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