Basic Email Hosting - Delete A Mailbox


Delete a basic mailbox user, and remove all corresponding server-side data


Active Basic Email services, see Add Hosted Services


Before deleting any mail account from the control panel, please backup all mail data. Once the account is deleted from the CP, all mail data will be deleted, and can only be restored after incurring a recovery service fee. Please examine the support article Import Export Mail Data In Outlook 2010 for how to backup mail data.


1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow account management website:


2. Hover the cursor over the Mail icon, and then click on, Accounts.


3. The mail accounts screen will display all active basic mailboxes. Click the mailbox to be deleted.


4. Click the Delete button.


5. Confirm deletion of the mailbox by clicking OK.



What Is Next?

Create A Distribution List,

Configure Outlook For Basic Mail,

Forward A Basic Mailbox

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