Basic Email Hosting - Add An Email Alias


Add an alias to a basic mail account or group. A basic email alias can forward email to an existing basic mailbox, mail group, or in a split domain configuration an Exchange mailbox.


Active Basic Mail services, see Add Hosted Services.

1. In a web browser navigate to the services control panel:


2. Locate the mail icon on the account home screen, hover the mouse cursor over the icon to display the options, and click Mail Aliases.


3. Click on the button entitled, Create Mail Alias.


4. In the email address field enter the email alias or address, and then select the domain from the drop down menu. If the desired domain doesn't appear in that menu it will need to be added, per the article: Add A Mail Domain, and the alias addition process will need to be restarted at step 2. Next in the Forwards to e-mail field enter in the primary mailbox address the alias will forward to*, and then click Save.

*For split domain configurations this address will be the internal domain alias for the exchange mailbox (the alias).


5. The newly created alias will now appear under the Mail Aliases section, indicating the setup has completed successfully.

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    Carolyn Akel

    There is no mail icon on my screen...Not helpful at all.  

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    Ryan Munsch

    Thanks for commenting Carolyn, we appreciate the feedback.  This article only applies to our basic email service,  I am sorry for any confusion it may have caused.  You would actually need to reference** this article instead** for Exchange 2010 hosting.  For other articles that pertain to the particular services of your organization  jump over to the ** Exchange 2010 section**, and search directly in there to get the most accurate results.

    Were you able to add the alias?  I see that you contacted our support desk around that time, were you able to get the help you needed in** ticket 3493**?

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