Blackberry - How to Generate a New Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) Activation Code


Active BES with both a wireless provider, and ITSN, Exchange Email; see: Add Hosted Services



This article will demonstrate how to generate a new BES activation code..



1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services control panel:


2. From the account home, click on Hosted Organizations.


3. Click on the organization name.


4. The organization home page will now be displayed. On the left side of the page the active services will be displayed, under the BlackBerry section click BlackBerry Users.


5. After the BlackBerry user section loads click on the desired user to load the user properties page.


6. The user property page will have two activation options manual entry, and randomly generated. The former, manual, will allow you to specify the activation password and the time to live (TTL) of the password. This password will have to be given to the end user, as it will not be emailed out. The latter option, will both generate and send an email to the user with their activation password. It is not possible to specify a TTL for an automatically generated password. Whatever the option select the appropriate radio button, and then click Set Password to set/generate the activation password.


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