Add A Peer Account


Existing account


This article will demonstrate how to create a peer, or secondary login, to an account.


A peer account, or secondary login, provides other individuals with access to the control panel. The access of the secondary account will be the same as that of the parent account.

1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services control panel:


2. From the account home of the reseller account click on left side, click on Peers.


3. In the middle of the Peer Accounts screen click the button Create Peer Account.


4. The Edit Peer Account window will appear displaying the editable fields of the peer account. Enter the information in the indicated fields, but note that the user name needs to not only be unique within the customer group, but also amongst all other profiles on the server. Therefore it is recommended to name the account with a methodology that relates to the organization (i.e userdemo1, userdemo2). Optionally the contact information for the peer account may be entered, once all data entry is complete click the Add button.



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    Linda D. Garrett

    Looks pretty simple. Probably only foreigners had troubles with creating an account. In this case, you could also add a switch button for some additional languages. Check out how they did it on Maybe afterwards you will be able to speak all the languages! 

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