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Active Exchange services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will demonstrate how to create a new exchange mailbox.



A new mailbox can be created either by adding it to an existing user account, or creating a new mailbox to generate both a new mailbox and a new user. Before adding a new mailbox, the quota must have an available allotment greater than or equal to what will be created. The allotment must be under the quota and either display a yellow, or green bar:


If the quota is reached, a red bar will be displayed:


In this case it is necessary to purchase additional exchange mailboxes via the ITSolutionsNow Billing Control Panel. Please refer to the support knowledge base article, Add Hosted Services, for the requisite steps.

1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services control panel:


2. Click on Hosted Organizations.


3. Click on the organization name.


4. The organization home page will now be displayed. On the left side of the page the active services will be displayed, under the Exchange section click Mailboxes.


5. After the Mailboxes section loads create a new mailbox by clicking the Create New Mailbox button.


6. The new mailbox section will load presenting an option to either create a mailbox for a New user, or Existing user. For the latter refer to steps 6a-6c, and for the former fill out the indicated categories:

  • Display Name: The name that will appear in the CP, and organization address book.
  • E-mail address: The alias and domain that will comprise the primary email address for the mailbox.
  • Password: Password used to access mailbox, and Outlook Web Access, please employ safe password policies.
  • Mailbox Type: Select the type based on the intended use of the new mailbox.
  • Mailboxplan Name: Specify whether the mailbox should be Lite or Unlimited.

After confirming the entered information for accuracy, click Create Mailbox, to create the new mailbox.


6a. To create a new mailbox for an existing user, first click the radio button, Existing User, then click the address book icon to the right of the Display Name field to select the target user.


6b. A list containing users without a mailbox will be displayed, click on the appropriate user to continue.


6c. The previously selected user will now appear in the text box adjacent to the Display Name field. Specify what Mailbox Plan the mailbox will use then click Create Mailbox.


7. The mailbox details page will load upon successful creation of the mailbox. Fill out the user information click Save Changes and the mailbox setup will be complete. Optionally advanced mailbox settings can be accessed under the following tabs:


8. The new mailbox user will need a mail client that supports Exchange 2010, the setup instructions may be found in the What is Next? section, in addition to the information on how to obtain Outlook if needed.


What Is Next?

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