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Autodiscover record. Entourage 2008 client updated to 12.2.8, EWS update 13.0, and active Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will demonstrate how to view another calendar in Entourage 2008


To view another user's shared calendar in an Exchange 2010 environment the aforementioned prerequisites must be met. A client mismatch, or no Autodiscover record in place will prevent calendar sharing from properly working.


1. From within the Outlook client belonging to the user that will share the calendar (contacts, or folders), share out the requisite calendar. Reference the following support article on how to share a calendar in Outlook if necessary:

The Entourage user must have permission to the calendar in order to open it.

Note: At this juncture if the intention is to share a folder, contact list, etc. reference the above support article, and proceed through the following support steps accordingly.


2. With Entourage open and configured in accordance with the support article, Entourage Setup For Exchange 2010, click on File, and then select Open Others User's Folder... from the drop down menu.


3. The Open Other User's Folder window will open. Type in the primary alias of the user sharing the calendar and then click the small icon to the right of the text field.


4. In the select user window perform the following steps:

  1. Confirm the alias appears in the text field, and then click the Find button.
  2. After a brief moment the search against the Global Address List, will return the most likely match. Highlight the pertinent user by clicking on their name.
  3. Click OK to close the window.



5. The User field have already been selected will require no additional modification, ensure the Type: option is set to Calendar and then click OK.

Note: Other types such as folders may be viewed at this juncture in the setup process provided that the other user in step 1 shares the associated type from within their Outlook client.


6. Entourage will load the calendar section (or the associated type section), and display the user name and their shared calendar.




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