Activate Outlook 2013


Activate the copy of Outlook 2013 provided by ITSolutions / GetCloudServices for use with Unlimited Hosted Exchange Email.

Activate Outlook 2013

 It is recommended that Outlook 2013 is activated immediately after installation using the key provided within the Outlook Client License email. If the key needs to be obtained, it may be accessed via the services control panel, or by submitting a new support request.


1. From within Outlook 2013 click the File tab on the top left of the program.



2. Next click Office Account listed in the menu column on the left.



3.  On the right side of the screen the product activation status will be displayed. If the message, "This product is unlicensed...," appears activation will be required. Within the yellow box, click on the blue link, Change Product Key. Please note that the key provided only works with the Outlook instance supplied by ITSN, and no other copies of Outlook or Office products. Under the The product contains section, only the Outlook 2013 icon should appear.



4.  After a few moments a window will appear prompting for a product key. Supply the key provided in the Outlook Client License email, and then wait for a green check mark to appear. Once it appears next to the product key entry line click Install.2k13-act1.png


5.  Click Yes on the User Access Control prompt to continue with the license install.



6.  Exit out of Outlook entirely, then return to the File > Office Account menu. Now displayed on the right side of the screen should be a notification that Outlook is activated. Once the below image matches what is displayed in Outlook the activation is complete. If there are any difficulties with the activation try the process again, and should that fail submit a new support request.


What Is Next?

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