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Active Exchange services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article lists the steps to be undertaken in the event send/receive is hanging.


If send/receive is hanging in Outlook for a Windows OS there are a few items that can be examined to address and resolve the problem.

  1. Download The Offline Address Book (OAB): Download Offline Address Book
  2. Check The Autodiscover Record: If that download fails, reboot the computer, do not open Outlook, and ensure the Autodiscover record can be pinged from the local computer. Do so by using the following method:


      1. Click on Start (Windows Button) > Run. The run window will soon open, then in the ensuing text field type, "cmd". -OR- Use the hot key combination, "Windows Key + R", then type in, "cmd".
      2. With the command prompt now open type in the following cmd: ping
      3. The ping will not respond but will resolve to [] as depicted in the image:



  3. If the ping does not resolve, setup an Autodiscover Record, otherwise open Outlook and attempt step#1 again.
  4. If the OAB downloads successfully and send/receive is still hanging check the Outbox for stuck mail items, and clear if necessary.
  5. Close Outlook and then open in Safe Mode, by holding down the CTRL key while clicking the Outlook icon.  If running Outlook in Safe Mode resolves the problem, disable the add-ins in Outlook, and also try temporairly disabling Firewalls & Virus Software (again only as a test, not a permanent solution).  
  6. Un-check On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP.  Following the manual setup instructions, please un-check this option at Step 9.
  7. Optionally, modify the Address Book settings in Outlook by performing the following:
      1. Click 'Address Book' 
      2. Click 'Tools' 
      3. Click 'Options' 
      4. Choose the 'Custom' radio button 
      5. Remove all entries except 'Contacts' 
      6. Choose 'Contacts' from the pull down window at the bottom 
      7. Click 'Ok'



What Is Next?

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