Exchange Hosting - 0x800401F Error in Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2010


Outlook 2010, Active Exchange Email services: Add Hosted Services


This article will address both the cause and resolution of the 0x800401F error in Outlook 2010.

In order for many higher functions of Outlook to work properly with Exchange 2010, an autodiscover record must be listed in the DNS entries for a hosted domain. Without this entry, those functions will either produce an error or not work at all. With the The 0x800401F error, the offline address book has not downloaded to the local PC as a result of the missing autodiscover record. To correct the error put an autodiscover record in place, and then download the offline address book.


1. Create an autodiscover record for the hosted domain.

2. Download the Offline Address Book (OAB)


What Is Next?

Add A Delegate And Set Permissions

Create A New Public Folder

Show The From Field In Outlook

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