Exchange Hosting - Account Locks After Invalid Attempts

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The article applies to all ITSolutionsNow customers with hosted Exchange mail.


Only Exchange mailboxes are locked out, see Add Hosted Services


Incorrect password attempts, or improper device configuration can cause the security lock to be activated for an account. After ten incorrect attempts the account is locked for thirty minutes, or until it is manually unlocked through the online control panel. This article will demonstrate how to unlock the account from the ITSN services control panel.

Configuration Steps

1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services management website:


2. Click on, Hosted Organizations.


3. Click on the organization name.


4. The organization home page will now be displayed. On the left side of the page the active services will be displayed, under the Organization's section click Users.


5. Find and click on the pertinent user to load the user details page.


6. On the user details page underneath the password fields is a small check box entitled, Account Locked Out. If that box is checked, the account is currently locked out. To unlock the account un-check the box, and then click the Save button on the bottom of the page.


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How do I unlock my Account?

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