Encryption Services - Generate & Assign A Private Key


Active encryption services, see Add Hosted Services.


Mail Encryption services grants the ability to encrypt, and digitally sign emails. The Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) cryptosystem takes plain text compresses and encrypts it with a session key, that in turn is further encrypted with a public key residing on the authorative server. This allows recepients to receive signed, and encrypted email and only the holder of the private key the ability to decrypt any responses. For more detail on the intricies of the PGP system, please visit the PGP website.

This article will demonstrate how to generate and attach a private PGP key to an email account.

1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow encrypted mail gateway:


2. Login using the administrative credentials supplied for the mail encryption services
Please note these credentials are not the same used to access email, and are unique to the client space. To request credentials either click the, "Forgot Password," link or email with the account holder name, domain name, and last four digits of the billing credit card.


3. After a successful login locate the credentials section and click the link for Manage Credentials.


4. In the Credentials Management page click Generate Private Key.


5. Enter the following information:

  1. Email: The primary email address to have an assigned key.
  2. Password: The associated password.

After the information is entered click OK.


6. The private key will be generated, once completed a notification window will appear. Click OK to return to the credentials management screen to generate and manage secure keys as necessary.



What Is Next?

Create Mail Policies,

Install The Outlook Encryption Add-In,

Mail Keywords & Conditionals.

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