Sort Messages Within The Cloud Archive Server


Sort messages by Subject, Name, Date, Size and number of attachments in an ascending or descending order to parse though user specific or company wide archives.


Sort Messages from within the Cloud Archive server


1. Login to the cloud archive service by navigating to the unique company  URL provided in the welcome email.  It should be in the format of




2. Upon logging in, the associated mail account attached to the archive service will be displayed. Hovering over the Columns will make an arrow appear. Clicking the arrow associated with a column will display the sorting options available to mail items.




3. When moving the mouse cursor over Columns it will be display the fields available for display (by default all are turned on.). Columns can be removed by de-selecting the check box with the associated column.




What Is Next?

Add User & Grant Permission

Create A New Search

Search The Cloud Archive With Filters

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