Create A Smart Folder


Create a Smart Folder to apply a saved search or filter on a personal archive, or what's known as My Archive.  

How To Create A Smart Folder Within The Cloud Archive


1.  Login to the cloud archive service by navigating to the unique company  URL provided in the welcome email.  It should be in the format of




2. Upon logging in, the associated mail account attached to the archive service will be displayed. In the top left hand portion of the interface click the + sign beside Smart Folders.




3. After clicking the Add Smart Folder button a dialogue will be displayed.




4. Once the desired filters have been applied click Save Smart Folder.




5. Once the Save Smart Folder process is completed a new Smart Folder or Filter is now shown within the Archive Solution.




What Is Next?

Add Users & Grant Permissions,

Analyze Search & Optimize Results via Filters,

Create A New Search,

Edit Searches & Saving Edits As New Searches.

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