Add Admin Users to your Archiving Portal



Active Archiving services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will demonstrate how to add a new archiving administrator user account. This provides the ability to manage the archiving system.


1. Login to the cloud archive service by navigating to the unique company URL provided in the welcome email.  It should be in the format of


2. Once logged in, click on Admin at the top right under the GetCloudServices logo.

3. Click on the Users tab for managing users.

4. Click on Add User to begin creating a new user and archive for their email.




5. Give the user a login name and contact email. The temp password is intended for them to use if they login to the archiving system. You can set permissions for users to allow access to the archiving system on this screen.


6. Select End User. For additional information about user roles visit here.


7. Check the "Do not send welcome message" option and click Add user and send welcome message button. The user is created and new email will be archived from here forth.

8.  Please note that archiving will begin when traffic to the account reaches 20MB of traffic; it may be up to, but not more than, 24 hours before the traffic is recorded in the control panel.

What Is Next?

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