Billing: Cancel An Account


Terminate all hosted services by cancelling an account via the billing control panel. Cancelation can be immediate, or planned to coincide with a billing cycle.


Existing hosting services.


Cancelling an account will terminate all active services and end any current monthly charges. Account cancellations are not immediate, and are reviewed by accounting before processing to ensure the authenticity of the request, and that the account billing is current and not in violation of contract. Before cancelling remember to secure all personal data, it will not be done by ITSN, as it is not recoverable outside of the stated backup window. The following articles provide guidance on backing up user data:

Once data is secured, and the account is current proceed with the cancellation process.


1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow account management website:


2. Login using the account management credentials created during account sign up.

Please note these credentials are not the same used to access email, and are unique to the client space. To request credentials either click the, "Forgot Password," link or email with the account holder name, domain name, and last four digits of the billing credit card.


3. After a successful login, the browser will redirect to the account home page. From the top of the home page, click on, Services, then My Services.


4. The domains belonging to the account will be displayed on the center of the screen. Click the, View Details, button associated with the domain that needs to be canceled


5.  On the active services for the account, at the top of the page is a menu, Management Actions, then click Request Cancellation. Click this button to begin the cancellation process. If there are any problems with the cancellation process please contact the support desk by clicking submit a request on the top right of this page. Note that any cancellation will first be reviewed by staff members before all services are terminated.



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