Billing: Change The Account Password


Change the billing control panel master password. This password provides links directly to the owner of the account that supersedes any account contact or delegate.


Existing hosted services, master account access.

1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow account management website:


2. Login using the account management credentials created during account sign up.
Please note these credentials are not the same used to access email, and are unique to the client space. To request credentials either click the, "Forgot Password," link or email with the account holder name, domain name, and last four digits of the billing credit card.


3. After a successful login, the browser will redirect to the account home page. From the left of the home page click Update Your Details.


4. Next click, "Change Password," to arrive at the password modification page.


5. A new secure password may be configured on this page. Please practice safe password habits, and never give out this password to anyone. If another organization member needs access to the billing control panel, please visit the account contact section (see article below) to give them access, rather than hand out the password created on this page.



What Is Next?

Create An Account Contact,

Upgrade Services.

Update Credit Card Details.

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