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Active Exchange or SharePoint services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will demonstrate how to create a new SharePoint site.



1. If the SharePoint site is being created for a organization with no previous existing services, or only SharePoint services, it will be necessary to Create A New User to serve as the SharePoint admin. Organizations with existing hosted services (Exchange email) may want to create a new user to serve specifically as the SharePoint admin, otherwise this step is not requisite.


2. Add additional users as necessary by again following the support article, Create A New User.


3. From within the hosted organizations section click on Site Collections.

Note: Reference the article, SharePoint On The Control Panel, to reach the SharePoint section.

4. Click the button Create New Site Collection.

5. Enter the pertinent SharePoint collection details:

    1. URL: Select the domain and type the subdomain where your SharePoint site should be located. Examples:


    1. Owner: Select the SharePoint admin from Step 2, by clicking the address book icon and then selecting the correct user from the organization's address book.


  1. Locale ID: Select the default language of the site.
  2. Title: The title of the SharePoint site collection.
  3. Description: Pertinent information displayed to users on the site home screen.

Once the information is entered correctly click Add Site Collection.


6. To access the SharePoint site, the URL must be added to the DNS of the primary domain (or the domain the subdomain was derived from). If DNS, or the name servers are hosted with this provider than no further configuration is necessary as it will be automatically generated. If DNS is hosted elsewhere than a DNS entry in the form of an, "A,"record for the SharePoint URL (created in step 1) will need to be created. The, "A," record will point to:

Depending on the DNS provider there may be some latency in the DNS record propagation. Once DNS has been entered successfully, and propagated the SharePoint site may be accessed via the URL created in Step 1, using the owner account selected in Step 6-2.

Note: If there is any uncertainty regarding the version of SharePoint for an organization contact

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