SharePoint Hosting - Create a Task List and Add Tasks


Active Exchange or SharePoint services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will demonstrate how to create and assign a task in SharePoint.



1. Navigate and login to the organization's SharePoint website.


2. From the site home, click on Site Contents.


3. The site contents display will load, click on add an app.


4. From the add an app page, click on Tasks.


5. Pick a name for the Task app and click on Create.


6. On the QuickLaunch, click on the newly created Task app


7. From the Task App, click on new task.


8. Give the task a name and click on Show More.


9. A configuration window for the new task will load. Enter the following information:

  • Title: The task title.
  • Predecessors: Any task that preceded this one, and has properties that may be inherited.
  • Priority: Determines the emphasis placed on the task in SharePoint.
  • Status: Indicates if the task has been started.
  • % Complete: How much of the task is done, can only be edited if Step 4 does not say, Not Started.
  • Assigned To: Start typing the name of a user, to check against the address book. Multiple users may be added to the same task by separating them via a semicolon (;).
  • Check Name: Used to check the users entered in Step #6 against the organization address list.
  • Description: What is presented to the assigned users when alerted to the task.
  • Start Date: Date the task is started
  • Due Date: Anticipated completion of the task.

After the items have been filled out, click the Save button to add the task.


10. SharePoint will load back to the Tasks page, click the "..." next to the task to see more information and options.





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