SharePoint Hosting - Connect SharePoint Designer 2013 To A SharePoint Site


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This article will demonstrate how to connect SharePoint Designer to SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Designer 2013 is only designed to connect to SharePoint 2013 sites, and may not connect to older 3.0, or 2010 sites. Additionally the opposite case holds true, SharePoint Designer 2007 and 2010 will not connect to 2013 sites. This article makes the assumption that SharePoint designer is not currently installed on the local computer.

1. In order to be able to edit a site in SharePoint Designer 2013, first it must be installed. This is a free download from Microsoft.


2. Download and install SharePoint Designer 2013 from the following link:

3. Login to your SharePoint 2013 site and under the Page tab, click the Edit dropdown and then Edit in SharePoint Designer. This will detect the installation and launch SharePoint Designer 2013 on your desktop. You will be required to re-authenticate again with your login credentials. Any changes made and saved in SharePoint Designer 2013 will be uploaded to the site collection.





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