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This article will demonstrate how to backup a SharePoint 3.0 site.



SharePoint sites are not actually moved from one location or server to another; rather, they are backed up to a file, and then the content or site is re-created from the backup file. The Backup and Restore feature in Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is the best way to move an individual site or sub-site from one server to another. SharePoint Designer 2007 is a free tool available from Microsoft:

Backup a SharePoint site:
Backing up a SharePoint site creates a content migration package, or .cmp file. When a SharePoint site is backed up, it can be specified whether the top-level Web site or the top-level Web site and any sub-site are exported. The backup file created includes list or library content, security settings, user information, navigation, customizations, and personalization's (such as views, site templates, and content types). The backup file does not include workflows, alerts, and properties stored at the site collection level. Administrative permissions are required to back up a site.

    1. Open SharePoint Designer and from the File menu, click Open Site.

    1. In the Open Site dialog box, browse to and click the Web site to be backed up, and then click Open.
    2. On the Site menu, point to Administration, and then click Backup Web Site.
    3. In the Backup Web Site dialog box, to include all sub-sites of the current Web site in the backup, select the Include subsites in archive check box.
    4. If the current Web site is low on available storage space, click Advanced, enter a new location, and then click OK.
    5. Backing up a Web site requires a location to store temporary backup files. By default, Office SharePoint Designer 2007 uses the current Web site.
    6. In the Backup Web Site dialog box, click OK.
    7. In the File Save dialog box, select the location where you want to store the .cmp file.

  1. In the File name box, type the name for the file, and then click Save. If the site being backed up or restored is large, the process can take quite a while.

Special Instructions for Sites over 24MB:

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 may have problems backing up a SharePoint site over 24 MB. The workaround to be able to take a full backup of a SharePoint site:

    1. In Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007, create a backup file and save it to the local computer.

  1. Go to the SharePoint recycling bin and locate the files it created during the backup and restore those files, and then download them to the local computer.
  2. Change the filename from .cmp to .cab
  3. Extract all the files from all the .cabs files to a folder such as... 'tmpSharePoint'
  4. Go here: and get yourself a copy of cabarc
  5. Now run the following command: 'cabarc N tmpSharePoint \*.*'
  6. Rename to SharePoint.cmp
  7. Restore

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