SharePoint Hosting - Connect To A SharePoint Task List With Outlook


Active Exchange or SharePoint services, see Add Hosted Services, Outlook 2007 or 2010.


This article will demonstrate how to connect Outlook to a SharePoint task list.



1. Navigate and login to the organization's SharePoint website.


2. From the site home, click on Tasks on the main page, or navigate to a subsite of choice with tasks.

3. Under List Tools, click on List. Under the section Connect & Export will be a Connect to Outlook in one of three forms. The icon that appears is a direct correspondence to the size of the browser window. Clicking either of the first two icons will begin the link process, but note that the third hides the first under a submenu. In that event it will be necessary to click the third icon, and then click the first under the subsequent submenu.

4. Immediately after clicking the icon, a series of three security prompts will open. Click Allow, Allow, and Yes.


5. After a brief moment the task list from SharePoint will appear under the task menu on the Outlook Today screen.

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