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This article will demonstrate how to connect SharePoint Designer to SharePoint 2010



SharePoint Designer 2010 is only designed to connect to SharePoint 2010 sites, and may not connect to older 3.0 sites. Additionally the opposite case holds true, SharePoint Designer 2007 will not connect to 2010 sites. This article makes the assumption that SharePoint designer is not currently installed on the local computer. If it is already installed, skip to step 8.

1. Navigate and login to the organization's SharePoint website.


2. From the site home, click on Site Actions, and then click Edit In SharePoint Designer.

3. Upon not detecting a SharePoint Designer 2010 installation, a window will launch to begin the download and installation process. There are two options presented for download, 32-bit and 64-bit, it is recommended, even if running a 64bit operating system, that the 32-bit version is used. The 64-bit office programs present errors and incompatibilities unlike the 32-bit counterparts. Click Free Download to start the process

4. A security prompt asking to Run, Save, or Cancel will appear in Internet Explorer, click Run to start the download. Note that the appearance may differ from that of IE9 pictured below, but the options will remain the same.

5. After the download completes another security warnings will be presented, click Allow. The end user license will then appear after, click I accept, then click Continue.

6. Click Install Now.

7. The installation will take a few minutes to run its course, upon completion click Close.

8. Repeat steps 1&2 to initiate connection to the SharePoint site, once again a security prompt will appear click Allow.

9. A window will soon follow prompting for credentials to access the SharePoint site. Enter the full email address and password of the user, and then click OK.

10. SharePoint Designer will now begin connecting to the site and downloading content for editing.

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