SharePoint Hosting - Enable Email Delivery To A Document Library


Active Exchange or SharePoint services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will demonstrate how to enable email delivery to a document library.

1. Navigate and login to the organization's SharePoint website.


2. From here navigate to the document library that will be configured to be email enabled. If no library exists create one using the existing support article Add Document Library. In this article the document library created in that article will be used to demonstrate the email function. Click on the document library name to continue.

3. With the library open, under the Library Tools option, click Library. On the far right of page, under the settings section, click Library Settings.

4. Under the communications section click Incoming e-mail settings, to configure email delivery to the document library.

5. The ensuing page will list the incoming email settings of the library. First select the Yes radio button option under Allow this document library to receive email. Next specify an email address unique to page. Email addresses using the domain is shared with other organizations, meaning that it is possible for a desired address to already be taken. In that event a new address will need to be entered until it is unique to the system.

Fill out the designated fields as indicated by arrows in the below image. Refer to the provided description in the SharePoint site to determine the option most suitable for the organization. Once the proper settings are selected click OK to save the settings.

6. The SharePoint site will load back to the document library options page. Notice that the email address created in step 5 now appears on this page. The email address, and the associated delivery options may be configured by repeating steps 4 and 5.


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