SharePoint Hosting - Add A Logo To A SharePoint Site


Active Exchange or SharePoint services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will demonstrate how to add a logo to a SharePoint site.



1. Navigate and login to the organization's SharePoint website.


2. From the site home, click on Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.

3. Locate the section entitled Look & Feel, and click Title, description, and icon.

4. In the Logo URL and description section provide a URL and description for the logo. The logo may be a URL from the company website, or from a picture library within the SharePoint site. In this case a picture from a picture library was used. Enter in the URL for the picture, and then click, Click here to test, if linked correctly a new browser tab will open displaying the image as shown:


Return to the previous browser tab and click OK, to change the logo.

5. The logo will now be prominently displayed in the upper left corner of the SharePoint site.

What Is Next?

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    matt rush

    good post. well its better to fetch logo or picture directly from the url option.very well explained everything.

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