Exchange Hosting - SPF Configuration for Exchange 2010


This procedure will demonstrate proper SPF configuration for Exchange 2010.


Access to DNS records for a domain, Active Exchange services, see Add Hosted Services. 


One the most common methodologies employed by spammers in delivering and distributing spam mail is fake sender addresses. This particular type of spam mail will impersonate individual email addresses or domains causing the victims' to experience diminished reputation, become liable for spam abuse, and possibly receive unexplained non-delivery receipts.

To counter sender address forgery many providers both implement, and require domains to have a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record in place. Domains without an SPF record can have email rejected upon delivery to the destination servers resulting in undelivered emails, and bounce back non-delivery receipts (NDR's). It is highly recommended by ITSN that all clients have an SPF record in place, it will be the first action taken in resolving any NDR issues.


1. If DNS is hosted and/or managed by ITSN servers, there are no changes that need to be made to configure an SPF record as it will already be in place. However if there are any additional mail servers used by the domain those server addresses will need to be appended to the existing SPF record.

2. To create an SPF record, create a TXT record in the DNS configuration of where the domain is hosted with the corresponding setup:

If ITSN hosts all email and is the ONLY source of mail servers:
v=spf1 mx ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: -all

If mail is hosted with ITSN, and with other sources:

    1. Use the SPF Wizard and include the mail servers: (,

    2. The subnets: (,,,,,,,

    3. Any other mail servers used for the domain




What is Next?

Add MX Records,

Autodiscover For Exchange 2010,

Configure Outlook 2007,

Configure Outlook 2010.

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