Web Hosting - Add A Custom HTTP Header


Active Web services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will demonstrate how to create a custom HTTP header.


    HTTP headers are sent from the web server to the client browser. Custom headers can be used to send instructions from the sever to the client browser that aren't currently supported in the HTTP specification, such as newer HTTP headers that IIS may no inherently support at the time of the product's release. As an example a custom HTTP header to allow client browsers to cache a page, but prevent proxy servers from doing so.


1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services control panel:

2. From the center of the screen hover over the Web icon, and then select Web Sites.

3. Click the pertinent website.

4. The web site properties will load, displaying the current configuration of the website. Referencing the image below, click on the second tab Headers.

5. Click on the button Add Custom Header. Next In the Header Name field provide the name of the custom HTTP header, and in the Header Value field provide the value. Once entered, click the Update button.

What Is Next?

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