Web Hosting - Create A Website In The Control Panel


Active Web or Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services, previously configured domain name.


This article will demonstrate how to create a new website in the control panel.

1. Before configuring a new website it will first be necessary, if not done already, to add a new hosting domain to the account home. Without a preexisting hosting domain the creation of a new website will not be possible. Please reference the support article Add A Hosting Domain before proceeding.

Any new website also requires either an active Exchange Email, or Web Hosting package, without a maxed quota, before any site can be created. Only one website may be added per hosting package, if necessary please purchase one by referencing the Add Hosted Services support article.

Optionally any site can be allocated a static IP address for implementing SSL connections to the website. Dedicated IP addresses may be purchased by following the same article as referenced earlier, Add Hosted Services.

2. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services control panel:

3. From the center of the screen hover over the Web icon, and then select Web Sites.

4. Click the Create Web Site button.

5. The screen presented at this juncture is dependant on the availability of a dedicated static IP address in the organization's account profile. If there is any need for a direct dedicated IP connection to a website, or implementing SSL connections, please refer back to step #1 on how to purchase a dedicated IP address.

  • If no IP address was purchased the first image will be presented. Click the drop down arrow to specify the domain for the website to be tied to. After selecting a domain, click Create Web Site.
  • For those accounts with an available dedicated IP address reference the second image in this step. First select the domain name for the website to be attached to. Next select the Dedicated IP address option, and then select from the list of available IP addresses attached to the account. Once selected click the Create Web Site button to attach the website to both the specified domain and IP address.




6. After a few brief moments the website will be created and the properties page will load. The various tabs displayed on this page lead to more advanced options and customizations of the website. It is not necessary to configure these settings at this time, and can be referenced at another point in time. Here are the options that can be found under the tabs and the corresponding support articles:

  1. Virtual Dirs: Create A Virtual Directory
  2. Secured Folders: Enable Secure Folders
  3. Extensions: Change The ASP.Net or PHP Version
  4. Custom Errors: Create Custom HTTP Error Messages
  5. Headers: Add A Custom HTTP Header
  6. MIME Types: Add A MIME Type

Additional information about configuring folder access, and default documents may be found in these two articles:

Two final pieces of information to note would be the IP address highlighted at the top (Note It is possible to Assign A Static IP Address), and the root directory of the website for delegating, and creating FTP access via Creating A FTP Account.

7. The last step to create the website is to properly configure the DNS records for the website. Websites require A records pointing to the IP address of the website, or the name server specified as the host of the website. The DNS information is configured at the location of where the domain is hosted. Although not recommended, if the name servers for the website domain reside elsewhere, an A record needs to be added in their domain management console, pointing to the IP Address of the website. The better solution (strongly recommended) would be to switch to the Name Servers, belonging to Accounts already using those name severs should note that by default the necessary records for the domain were automatically created when the primary hosting domain was established, and the website created, thus no DNS configuration is necessary. As an added benefit any additionally hosted service added on to an account would automatically have its correlating record in place.



What Is Next?

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Publish A URL To Google Search

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