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Active Web services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will demonstrate how to add a new MIME type.

    Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) types are a specification for creating file formats utilized in mail exchange, web documents, and other applications on itranets, and the internet. Each format specified includes a content type (MIME type), and a subtype which indicates the data stored in a file. IIS by default has a list of the most common Web specific MIME types/subtypes and the associated file extensions. If ISS does not have information for a MIME type it will be assigned a default MIME identity, which may result in client misinterpretation of the contents. Manually adding MIME types, subtypes, and file name extensions to IIS for unknown MIME files will prevent this from occurring.


1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services control panel:

2. From the center of the screen hover over the Web icon, and then select Web Sites.

3. Click the pertinent website.

4. The web site properties will load, displaying the current configuration of the website. Referencing the image below, click on the last tab MIME Types.

5. First click the Add MIME button. Next to add the MIME type, enter the file name extension in the Extension field and valid MIME-Type in the MIME-Type box. Once finished click the Update button.

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