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This article provides an informative perspective on DNS requirements for Domains hosted externally.

If a domain is either registered, or has the name servers hosted elsewhere, the DNS information at that provider will need to be updated to switch the name servers to the following:


Failure to do so may cause hosting difficulties, or unnecessarily complicate certain web hosting specific actions.

If the name servers must remain parked with the current provider, then three A records will need to be created pointing to the IP Address of the hosted website. The name value of the records, which designates the prefix for the domains (i.e. www), need to be included in the records as follows:
  1. Name: " "
  2. Name: "*"
  3. Name: "www"

The three name entries cover a blank, all, and www prefix respectively. If there is any trouble entering the records, please contact the domain hosting company.

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