Web Hosting - Create A FTP Account


Active Web services, see Add Hosted Services,


This article will demonstrate how to create an FTP account.


1. In a web browser navigate to the ITSolutionsNow services control panel:

2. From the center of the screen click on the icon FTP Accounts..

3. Click Create FTP Account.

4. Configure the following information for the new FTP Account:

    1. User name: Specify a username, note that the trailing underscore and number. That is a number unique to a FTP account and will be a part of whatever username is selected.
    2. Password: Password associated with the user account.
    3. Home Folder: Select the root folder to give the account access to. Access is hierarchal meaning the folder selected gives access to any folders underneath it in the hierarchy, but not above or equal to it. In the following image a root folder selection would give universal access, whereas access to coulddev1 would grant access to any sub-folder, but not to clouddev, or itsndev. The folder may be selected by clicking with the mouse in the text field. It is recommended that only account admins have root access, while ancillary users such as a web developer be given only access to folders pertinent to a website.

  1. Access Rights: Determines whether the account has read and/or write access.

Once the fields have been properly configured click Save.

5. The newly created FTP account will now be appear under the FTP Accounts, click the name to reconfigure access or change the password, repeat steps 3&4 as necessary.


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    Phil Offereins

    need the next step ... how to provide the link to someone to upload files

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    Ryan Munsch

    Thanks for offering the feedback Phil, I will be happy to help you with that next step.   If you want to provide for your developer a step by step process from creating the FTP account, to accessing the server and uploading the website read, ** Upload A Website via FTP**.  The article on how to _ Determine The FTP Server Address_, will direct you on how to locate and obtain the FTP address information.  You will need that address in addition to the FTP user account you created to access the FTP server.  From the Hosting Configuration _page referenced in the previous article you can forward the settings page containing the server information (note this will forward all of your hosting configuration)_, to any email address you specify or simply relay the IP address directly through any medium of choice.

    The email field you need to specify, and the send button on the Hosting Configuration Page will look like this:


    Does this adequately answer your question Phil?  Let us know if you need any further assistance or clarification and I will be happy to help.

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    Allie Haze

    You have to set up a FTP server on your web server. FileZilla likewise has a server version - which should be introduced on your server. When that is done and arranged you can utilize your Filezilla FTP customer (or whatever other) to associate with the FTP server. College Homework Help Online

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    Roman Davis

    I will contact you about my websites but you have to solve problems when the server will create some issues .  

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