Web Hosting - Start To Finish Guide For Creating A Website


Active Web or Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services.


The process of creating a website from start to finish will be explained and detailed in this article.



Welcome to the start to finish guide on how to host a website with ITSolutionsNow. Most of the steps contained herein are a sequential listing of available support articles. To help streamline and make the individual steps more discernible the corresponding articles will be linked rather than their individual steps listed.

If there are any questions concerning any of the steps presented in this guide, or anything that can be done to make it more approachable, succinct, and helpful please email or leave a comment below.



1. Ensure a web hosting package is available: Web Site packages are available to all customers for purchase in tiered packages based on disk and bandwidth consumption. Exchange Email customers will by default be provided with one courtesy starter web package. Any additional website or increase of base service beyond the initial package limitations will require an upgrade or another plan.

The plans can be found on the ITSolutionsNow main page: Web Hosting Plans

For non Exchange users, once the appropriate plan is determined proceed to purchase the plan by following the steps listed in the Add Hosted Services article. Select either the Web Hosting Basic, Advanced, or Expert plans and increase the quantity by one (so the total is a reflection of the addition, i.e. 0 to 1).


2. Configure, or create a new domain for the website: Add A Hosting Domain to attach a domain to a website if a primary hosting domain does not already exist.


3. IP Address Options: A dedicated IP address may be assigned to the site. Purchase a dedicated IP via Add Hosted Services, then allocate the Static IP Address to the account stopping after completing step 5 in the static IP instructions.


4. Create The Web Site: Follow the instructions on creating the website in the control panel Create A Website In The Control Panel.


5. Set the default directory, and document type: Creating a website will also create a default directory in the hosting space for the files associated with the website. This folder unless modified will be\wwwroot folder and in addition to serving as the repository, is also the location of FTP access, and the default document.

The default document serves as the directory, or home page of the website. It points to all other corresponding sub pages, and serves as the immediate link to the control panel. The document, no mater the name or type (.htm, .html, .php, etc.), must be placed in the folder specified as the website root. For now Modify The Default Documents List as necessary to ensure the document name appears as the first option on the list.


6. Upload The Website: Follow the support article upload a web site via FTP, to upload the site components to the root directory. Note that the last step in the article assumes DNS records are in place, this has not yet occurred and thus the website won't resolve yet.


7. Configure DNS: Reference the article DNS and Resource Record Information.


8. Develop The Website: Please reference the article Development Tools And Resources.


9. Add Microsoft Web Apps: View the support article how to install a Microsoft Web App.


This completes the guide to hosting a new web site. The guide will be updated as necessary to provide more helpful information, tools, and instruction, check back in the future, or feel free to offer suggestions in the comments below.


What Is Next?

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