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Active Web services, see Add Hosted Services.  Upon adding this Hosted Service, a welcome email will be generated with Username and Password to log in to the Web Services Control Panel.


This article will demonstrate how to configure a URL redirection to an existing domain and make it a domain forwarder.  If you need to enable URL Redirection to a new domain, please set up a new domain name in the Web Services Panel and then refer back to this article.


1. In a web browser, navigate to the Web Services Control Panel:  Type in the Username and Password and then click Log in.



2.  Make sure the Websites & Domains tab is selected and then click on Hosting Settings, next to domain name.



3.  Click on the Change link next to the Hosting type field.



4.  Specify the following:

  • Under Hosting type, select the Forwarding option.
  • In the Destination address box, type the Internet address to which you want to redirect visitors.
  • Under Forwarding type, select the preferred type of forwarding. With standard forwarding, a user is redirected to the site and the actual site's address is shown in the user's browser, so the user always knows that he or she is redirected to another address. With frame forwarding, a user is redirected to the site without knowing that the site actually resides at another location, therefore, frame forwarding should be preferred.
  • Click OK.



What Is Next?

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