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Active Web services, see Add Hosted Services.  Upon adding this Hosted Service, a welcome email will be generated with Username and Password to log in to the Web Services Control Panel.



This article will demonstrate how to backup your web site data.



1. Log in to the web hosting panel using the credentials you were provided.



2. Click on the "Websites & Domains" tab at the top of the home screen 



3. Click on the "Backup Manager" link


4. Click on the "Back up" icon. 



5. Enter a name for your backup and choose where you would like it stored. Choosing "server repository" will save it on the server. 



6. Select what you want to backup.

- Selecting "Domain Configuration" will only backup your domain settings.

- Selecting "Domain Configuration and Content" will allow you to backup the domain settings and its content. When you select this option, the drop down menu to the right will let you select the content to backup.


7. Once you have this all complete, click "Backup" to start the backup. You have now created a backup of your web site data. 



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