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This article will demonstrate how to configure a domain alias, or a pointer domain.


Domain aliases allow you to point several domain names to the same website. This can be useful, for example, for branding purposes.

To set up a domain alias in Panel:

A. In a web browser navigate to


To protect a directory in your site with a password and to specify authorized users:

  1. If you are subscribed to several hosting packages and have access to several webspaces associated with your account, in the Subscription menu at the top of the screen, select the required webspace.
  2. Go to the Websites & Domains tab and click the site's domain name.
  3. Run the Add New Domain Alias wizard as shown below.DomainAliasWizard.PNG
  4. Specify the domain for which you are creating an alias (the primary domain) and the alias’s domain name, for example alias.tld, and set up the following:
    • Synchronization of DNS zone with the primary domain

If this option is enabled, the DNS zone of the domain alias will be in sync with the zone of the primary domain. Any changes made in the DNS zone of the primary domain will be automatically applied to the DNS zone of the alias.


For example, if you create the CNAME record like blog.primary_domain.tld, the corresponding blog.alias.tld record will be added to the zone of the alias.

Note: If a domain alias’s DNS zone is synced with the primary domain, you cannot modify resource records in the alias's DNS zone.

    • Mail service

Panel does not allow creating mailboxes under domain aliases. Instead, the mailboxes of the primary domain are used. If you select the Mail service option, the mailboxes created under the primary domain will also be available under the alias. To enable users to read mail sent to mailboxes under the alias, Panel redirects it to the corresponding mailboxes under the primary domain.

For example:
You have an email address mail@domain.tld. Then you set up an alias for domain.tld, for example, alias.tld. If you select the Mail service option, all mail sent to mail@alias.tld will be available at mail@domain.tld. Otherwise, the mailboxmail@domain.tld will not receive mail sent to mail@alias.tld.

    • Web service

If this option is turned on, the website will open in the browser at the alias’s URL. If you clear the Web service check box, the alias will be used for mail only provided that Mail service is selected.

    • Redirect with the HTTP 301 code

By default, Panel uses web server internal redirection for aliases. In this case, the alias appears to be a separate website for visitors and for web search engines. This causes the problem because search engines index the content of the alias separately, so your primary domain loses search engine rankings.

To avoid this, you can use redirection with the HTTP 301 code (Moved permanently) by selecting Redirect with the HTTP 301 code. In this case, only the primary domain will rank in search engines. Learn more at


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