Plesk Web Hosting - Create A Website In The Website Panel


Active Web hosting services. See Add Hosted Services.

Preexisting ownership of domain name.



This article will demonstrate how to create a new website within the website panel.



1.  Before configuring a new website it will first be necessary, if not done already, to add a new hosting domain to the account home. Without a preexisting hosting domain the creation of a new website will not be possible. Please reference the support article Create a Domain before proceeding.



2. After logging in successfully, navigate to the "Add New Domain" button.



3.  Here you can choose the Domain Name as well as your DNS Settings.


4.  Further down the page, you will be able to choose your hosting Type as well as your Hosting Settings.



After clicking OK at the bottom of the page after inserting all the correct information, you will be brought back to your home page.  At the bottom you will now see the website that you have just created. The indicated IP address is an internal IP address and will not provide you access to the website externally.

External website IP address:



The last step to create the website is to properly configure the DNS records for the website. Websites require A records pointing to the IP address of the website, or the name server specified as the host of the website. The DNS information is configured at the location of where the domain is hosted. Although not recommended, if the name servers for the website domain reside elsewhere, an A record needs to be added in their domain management console, pointing to the IP Address of the website. The better solution (strongly recommended) would be to switch to the Name Servers, belonging to 


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