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Active Web services, see Add Hosted Services.  Upon adding this Hosted Service, a welcome email will be generated with Username and Password to log in to the Web Services Control Panel.



This article will demonstrate how to add a MIME Type.



1. Log in to the web hosting panel using the credentials you were provided.



2. Click on the "Websites & Domains" tab at the top of the home screen 



3. Click on the "Virtual Directories" icon that is located in the drop down panel for your domain.



4. Click on the "MIME Types" tab at the top of the Virtual Directories page.



5. Click on the "Add MIME Type" icon.



6. Fill in the extension for the file you are adding and the content of the file using the pre-existing option in the drop down menu or creating custom content. 

NOTE: If you need to create a custom content option select "custom" from the content drop down menu and then fill in the bottom box with the custom content. 



7. Once complete, click on "Ok" to create the new MIME Type.





What Is Next?

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