Ticket Submission

After completing the sign up and registration process, you can submit support requests. Support requests can be submitted using the support form, by sending email, and by using the Feedback Tab that appears on our various service websites.

Submit A Support Request Online

If searching the knowledgebase doesn't produce an answer, a support request can be submitted via the support site. A ticket submitted from the website is the preferred method of ticket submission as it not only provides the most streamlined presentation of key support information, but also allows additional options to augment the inquiry such as attachments and screencasts.

  1. First login to the support system if not already. New users should first proceed with the account registration (See Here).
  2. Select Submit a Request from the menu bar.


  1. Enter a description of the support inquiry, and all other requested information. Note any information requested after support department is considered optional. All fields denoted with an asterisk* are required.


  1. Click Submit.

Post submission a confirmation will be sent to your registration email providing a ticket id number and a link to the ticket within the support desk. Our support staff will then work to address your inquiry as quickly and effectively as possible. You may access the ticket and update it at any time by following the aforementioned link.

Adding attachments

Attachments can be added to all ticket submissions by clicking the Attach button near the end of the web form.

Adding A Screencast

At the end of the web form is the Screencast section. Here a screen capture recording both audio and video may be attached to the ticket to better demonstrate the issue at hand to the customer service team. See the article, Recording A Screencast, on how to do so.

Request support using the Feedback Tab

Within many of the service control panels and web portals for GetCloudServices, an easy and convenient way can be found to both quickly find documentation, and contact the support desk. The Feedback Tab as picture below serves as an immediate link to the customer support team.


When the tab is clicked a window will open asking you to submit a question. Ask a question predicated upon the intricate details of the inquiry at hand; don't be vague, and don't provide superfluous words. This ensures the results returned are the most accurate, and the staff is given a full understanding of the topic.

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