Searching The Knowledgebase

The support knowledgebase is built off of core articles that support our services, and those developed from user needs over time. It is very possible the question, or issue you are experiencing is already documented within our support knowledgebase and provided with very detailed instructions. If so, you may not need to request support at all, just locate the answer in the knowledge base.

How to search the Knowledgebase

  1. Select Support Articles from the menu bar.


  1. The Support Articles search box is located at the top of the page. Enter words that describe the issue as specifically as possible to optimize the results.


  1. Knowledgebase articles, community forum questions & ideas will be returned that most closely match the search query. You can then read the articles to see if your question has already been answered.


  1. All support articles allow commenting. If you have a related question, scroll to the bottom of the article and then click Add a comment. Any comments left may receive an answer to from either a support staff member or another customer. Note that after adding a comment to an article, you are subscribed to it and will be notified via email of every update made to that article. Navigating back to the article and clicking Unsubscribe, will cease all article notifications.
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