Signing Up For GetCloudServices Support & Password Policy

 To submit and track support requests for you, or your organization, it is necessary to sign up and create a user account. At a minimum a name and email address is required to verify an account.

Signing Up

  1. Select the Sign Up link (located at the top right above the menu bar) and you'll see the sign up page.
  2. Provide your name and email address
  3. Optionally a twitter account may be provided, though it is not necessary at this time. Providing a Twitter account or other social identities allows you to setup and submit requests using those accounts. The help desk will then link this to your account, and consolidate all your request to your user name.
  4. To add the social accounts later, login to your profile after registration. See Logging in using external accounts.
  5. Verify the sign up request by entering the two security words and then click Sign Me Up!

 Shortly thereafter a email will arrive in your inbox used during the sign up process. Click the link in the email to create a password, login to the help desk, and activate your account.

Password Policy

 GetCloudServices requires at a minimum a five character password, there are no special character requirements, mixed, or otherwise. Once a password is created access is allowed to the support desk.

 The password can be changed later by logging into the help desk, updating the user profile, and changing the password (See Changing Your Password).


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