Cloud Desktops - Configure Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPad or iPhone


iPhone or iPad
Apple iTunes ID


This article will demonstrate how to configure the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client software on a iPhone or iPad in order to connect to your cloud environment. The Remote Desktop Connection software is a download from the App Store and provides the means of connecting to another Windows computer or network.


To use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your Cloud environment, you will need to download and install the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store. You must have an Apple ID to install this product.

1. Find the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store. Once installed click on the App to launch it.

2. Click on "New Remote Desktop".


3. Enter the following information:

Connection Name: Cloud

PC Name: type the host or IP that was provided to you by us (i.e.

User Name: type in the sign-in address you were provided (i.e.

Click on Save.


4. Click on the newly created Cloud connection to sign in. Enter your password when prompted.

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