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This article will demonstrate how to configure the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client software on a Macintosh in order to connect to your cloud environment. The Remote Desktop Connection software is a download from Microsoft and provides the means of connecting to another Windows computer or network.


 To use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your Cloud environment, you will need to download and install Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft's website:


1. Using the above link, navigate to the website and click on the Download button. The download completes. Double-click or Right-click and click Open on the installer. The installer will unpack. Double click on the package icon to install.

 mac1.png mac2.png

2. Proceed through the install wizard and provide acceptance of the end use license agreement and credentials to install the program. Click on Close when done.

 mac3.png mac4.png

mac5.png mac6.png

3. The program is now available on the Dock. Click on the icon displayed to open the application.


4. When the application opens, under the Computer field enter your cloud desktop address given to you by support (i.e.


5. Click on the RPC menu at the top and click on Preferences. Under the Security options, click on "Always Connect,..."

 mac9.png mac11.png

6. Under the Display options, change the "Remote desktop size" options to "Full screen."


7. Under the Login options, enter your information as below. Do not enter your password here. It will fail to connect in the future if a password is entered here. Do not check "Add user information to your keychain."

User name: enter the first part of the user login name we provide for you, excluding everything after the '@' symbol. For example, if your login name we provide for you is, enter in "support" for the User name field, excluding the quotes.

Domain: netplexity or cloud. This domain information may depend on what information we give you.


8. Once all the information is entered click on the File menu up top and click on Save as...


9. Give the connection icon a name such as "Cloud". Select your Desktop as the destination to save the file to.


10. Your Cloud icon is now on your desktop. Double-click to launch the connection. Enter your password to connect.

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