Blackberry - Configure Signature for Blackberry emails


Active Basic Email services, see Add Hosted Services



This article will demonstrate the basic configuration for auto signatures in Blackberry emails




1. From the Messages screen, click the track-pad and select Options.


2. Next click Email Settings.


3. Using the track-pad, move the cursor to the Auto Signature text field, and enter the desired signature. Conversely, if there is no need for a signature the default auto signature can be disabled on this page.


4. After the desired signature is in place, click the track-pad and select Save.

Please allow time to observe device to server latency, and the signature change to take effect. Sending test emails is a good way to verify the signature is in place, and not by composing a new message. The auto signature will not be displayed while composing a message, only ammended to the end of the message body when sent.



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