BlackBerry - Activate An OS 6 Device


Before Activating a BlackBerry OS 6 Phone, please ensure the following are already in place with the the phone:

  • The account is provisioned for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) with the wireless provider. This will appear on the phone under options > advanced options > enterprise activation. If enterprise activation does not appear under this menu, the services are not active on the phone and wireless carrier will need to be contacted first.
  • Software version on the phone is 6.0 or above
  • A strong wireless signal is available (greater than -90db)

The following must be available and active under the control panel for the organization:

  • Active BES Services
  • A BES user account created for the phone to be activated. That is not tied to any former device.
  • A activation PIN




This article will detail how to enterprise activate a BlackBerry OS 6 phone.

1. Create and generate an activation code on the services control panel: How To Activate

If a BES User already exists, ensure this WAS NOT used for a previous phone if it was it will need to be recreated, otherwise just generate a new activation code:


2. On the BlackBerry OS 6 device home screen, or desktop select Options.

3. Select Advanced System Settings.

4. Select Enterprise Activation.

5. Input the primary email address of the BES user, and the activation password generated via step #1.

6. Press the Menu key and select Activate.

7. Once activation has finished, a notification entitled Activation Complete will show, click OK to close and finish.


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