MX Records for Exchange 2013


Active Exchange services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will list the proper MX records for Exchange 2013 hosting.



A mail exchange (MX) record specifies the mail servers that handle email for a domain. The records, listed in order of priority, are configured within DNS at the location of where the domain is hosted. When an email is sent to a domain the sender's mail server checks DNS for existing MX records, and then delivers the mail to the first available server on the priority list. It is very important that only servers capable of relaying email to an ITSN mailbox are listed, thus it must either be an ITSN server (as listed below) or a server forwarding mail to an ITSN server. MX records can be created, and prioritized within DNS to modify mail flow at a user's discretion.

  Mail records can be created, and/or modified with the administrative tools through a domain provider. If the domain was registered through, or the name servers are pointed to ITSN, the MX records will be configured automatically through the ITSN control panel.



These are general configuration steps, and not necessarily specific to one hosting company, nor potentially applicable to all.

To create mail records for a domain not hosted by ITSN:

  1. Access the administrative console for the domain.
  2. Locate the page to update the domain MX records. This is sometimes found under, "advanced settings."
  3. Add the following MX records for the Exchange email server:
    1. (priority 10)
    2. (priority 10)
    3. Any other fully qualified server name, with email forwarding to ITSN. Note some providers require a trailing period at the end of the server name
  4. Set the priority for the ITSN records as designated above. MX records are typically given priority sequentially starting from zero. Domain hosts may rely on a different priority numbering system, despite this ensure ITSN servers are given highest priority, and any supplemental servers (forwarding mail back to ITSN) thereafter.
  5. If the domain provider enables setting a value for Time to Live (TTL) enter 3600 seconds.
  6. To add MX records for supplemental servers, repeat steps 3 through 5 as necessary Give backup servers a lower priority than ITSN email servers.
  7. Delete any existing legacy MX records.
  8. Save changes. Note that MX records are not instantaneous, and may take up to 24 hours to propagate throughout the internet. International clients will typically experience longer delays in the record updates than US clients.

If any difficulty is encountered while creating MX records, contact the domain provider for assistance.

Domain Host Specific Instructions

Out of courtesy ITSN has provided a list of common domain providers, and linked to their MX record setup instructions. If the domain provider is unknown, it may be determined using a free whois lookup through




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