Create A Custom OWA URL for Exchange 2013


Active Basic Email services, see Add Hosted Services



For greater domain and organization cohesion it is possible to setup a custom Outlook Web Access URL. This article will detail how to make that customization.



A custom Outlook Web Access URL is configured within DNS at the location of where the domain is hosted using an A record. A records can be created and/or modified with the adminstration tools through a domain provider. If the domain was registred through, or the name servers are pointed to ITSolutionsNow, the autodiscover record will be configured automatically via the ITSN services control panel.

These are general configuration steps, and not necessairly specific to one hosting company, nor potentially applicable to all.


1. Access the administrative console for the domain.

Go to the DNS provider's website, and locate the client acces portal.

2. Locate the page to update the domain records. This is sometimes found under Advanced Settings.


3. Add an A record.

  • Create a DNS A record for pointing to
4. Save Changes.
5. Test the A record.
Expect some latency between adding the record, and the record resolving correctly. To test if the record has propogated, from a local computer ping If the ping returns, the record is correctly in place.


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