Additional Migration Steps


Active Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services.


This article will list additional consideration when migrating to hosted exchange servers.

Some additional features Exchange users may take for granted when migrating, and may potentially lose include Rules, Junk email options, and Signatures.


1. Export Rules via the support article, Export Rules From Outlook. Ensure the rules exported are to somewhere easily referenced in the future for the import back into Outlook.

2. Export Junk email settings from Outlook by opening Junk email settings. Within the Junk email settings are three tabs with exportable lists, Safe Sender, Safe Recipients, Blocked Senders. Export the lists of all three to a list in the same location as the Rules. Click the Export to file... button to complete.

3. The email signature can be backed up via a text, or word document (depending on the formatting). Go to Options > Mail > Signatures > then copy, paste and save the signature to the file.


After the account setup, and migration to ITSN has been complete, and Outlook has been configured to connect (Configure Outlook 2010) to the new exchange account, the previously exported files may now be imported back into Outlook.


4. Import Rules via the support article, Import Rules From Outlook. Refer to the previous location of the export for the rules import.

5. Import Junk-Email settings into Outlook by opening the Junk email settings. Within the Junk email settings are three tabs with importable lists, Safe Sender, Safe Recipients, Blocked Senders. Click on Import from file..., select the file from step #2.

6. Paste back the previous signature by going to Options > Mail > Signatures > then pasting the signature from the document it was stored in.


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