Catch-All Email Accounts


Active Basic Email, and Exchange services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will detail the implications of catch-all account, and how an alternative setup can be configured.



A catch all account is designed to collect any mail using a prefix of a domain. Typically this is deployed to catch any misspelled emails sent to a mail domain. However this is very easily, and often times abused by spammers to flood domains with thousands of emails, which can degrade server performance and render some mail accounts unusable. Consequently catch all accounts are not enabled on the exchange server (nor will they ever be), so other measures must be taken to provide that functionality.

1. Add Aliases For A Mailbox: Exchange hosting plans allow for unlimited email aliases under a mailbox, taking the time to put some in will catch most common misspellings, and not have to seek out the alternative approach, a Split Domain, which involves much more configuration and concedes mail filtering performance. View the support article Add An Email Alias


2. Split Domain Configuration With A Basic Mail Catch All Account: If a catch all account is really necessary, it may be accomplished by setting up a split domain, and creating a catch all account on the basic mail side. This entails changing the MX records to point directly to the basic mail server, creating mail forwards to exchange users, and creating a basic mail account to serve as a catch all account and forward received email to a specified exchange mailbox. The steps will be as follows:

  1. Purchase A Basic Mailbox: Add Hosted Services
  2. Configure A Split Domain: Split Domain Configuration
  3. Setup a Catch-All Account: Configure A Catch-All Account
  4. Forward Mail From The Catch-All Account: Enable Email Forwarding, and specify the forwarding address as the internal domain address as configured in step 3 of the Split Domain For Hosted Basic & Exchange Email.

When the above steps are configured, the catch all account will begin to work once the MX record changes are complete.



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