Entourage 2008 for Exchange 2013


Autodiscover record. Entourage 2008 client updated to 12.2.8, EWS update 13.0, active Exchange Email services, see Add Hosted Services.



This article will demonstrate how to setup Entourage 2008



In the setup and configuration of Entourage it is very important to not only meet prerequisites, but to do so sequentially. It is recommended to have the Autodiscover record in place first, install the Entourage 12.2.8 update, and then install EWS. Installing EWS first, or installing on top of any version number prior to 12.2.8 will prevent the client from connecting to the Exchange server. It is imperative that the installation procedure does not deviate from the intended sequence.


1. Once Entourage is installed, download and install update 12.2.8 from Microsoft. If the version of Entourage was obtained from ITSN, that will be the only software update that will need to be run. Previous versions of Entourage may require Office Service Pack 1 prior to the installation of 12.2.8. After the update is downloaded and installed, from within Entourage click File > About Entourage to ensure the version number matches that of the image below.

Version 12.2.8 Update:

Entourage 12.2.8


2. Download and install EWS version 13.0 from Microsoft. The update will only function properly if installed on top of the 12.2.8 update. After downloaded and installed, ensure the version number matches that of the image below.

Exchange Web Services 13.0:

EWS 13.0


3. With version 13.0.8 now installed, open Entourage. If this is the first time opening Entourage close the Setup Assistant, and from the Tools Menu, select Accounts.



4. From the accounts screen click the New button, and then select Exchange... to begin the account configuration.



5. The exchange account setup screen will now appear. Click on the button entitled Manual Setup.



6. On the account settings tab enter the following information into the respective fields:

  • Account Name: Ambiguous, but make it distinctive and unique.
  • Name: Full name of the mailbox's user.
  • Email Address: The full primary email address for the mailbox.
  • Account ID: The full primary email address for the mailbox.
  • Domain: Leave blank.
  • Password: The password associated with the mailbox (check credentials at

Once the settings are confirmed for accuracy, click the Advanced tab at the top of the window.



7. Under the Server Information section on the Advanced tab enter the following information:

After reviewing the settings, click the OK button to close the configuration.



8. After a few moments, a window will open stating Entourage was redirected..., check the box Always use my response for this server, and then click Allow.



9.The accounts window will now be displayed with the recently configured exchange account listed. Close that window to return to the inbox. Entourage will now begin to download email data from the server starting with the newest piece of mail, and working back to the oldest. During the download no new email will come in, but email can be sent out. Depending on the size of the mailbox this may take a few minutes to a couple of hours.




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